Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ava's Dance Recital

Oops! When checking my blog the other day I noticed that first this original post was published instead of saved and second wasn't saved so I am starting over!

A few weeks ago Ava had her first dance recital. She loved it! Ava was such a little star. She spent hours practicing, on her own without encouragement (ok a little, but not much). Wow did it show! Ava was the leader on stage and all the little girls looked to her to know the next move. I am pretty sure she was bitten by the stage bug; she is already talking about next year.


Bev and Eldon said...

Hope you have a chance to post pics from the recital.

Bev and Eldon said...

It sounds like she might have some leadership qualities developing along with the dance skills.