Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where Have I Been?

It has been so long since I really have updated this blog. Late spring and early summer really kept me busy! Here is a quick re-cap of what we have been up to.

Elizabeth started a play group with Early On at the local school. It was fun for me a little over whelming for her. She was soaking everything up as she sat on my lap each time. When we got home she would sing the songs and play the finger plays. We are now going a few times each month over the summer. Elizabeth language has really taken off. She is using sentences and 4 words at time. She seems to understand everything we say. Her favorite thing to say when asked a question is to blame Ava. "Are you tired" "No! Ava's tired". We had another case of pneumonia. This was the easiest one. She was coughing for a few days and then developed a fever; we caught it so early she only needed that one visit! No ER visit! Weight gain and eating continue to be a constant thorn in my side. I hate that when I hold her I can feel ever bump in her spine, I can put my thumb and first finger around the thickest part of her arm. She is just so skinny! Her clothes hang off of her. The other eating challenge we are having beside quantity is her refusal to eat any fruit or veggies. Well she will eat spaghetti sauce and strawberries pureed and mixed with ice cream, other than that she simply refuses no matter how I try to hide them.

Ava has finished her first year of preschool and will return again next year. She misses the cut-off day by a month and a half for kindergarten. Which is fine with me, I am in no hurry for her to get so big. I missed the spring soccer sign up (I really have been busy!). There is no soccer this year. She is keeping busy and is now our head gardener taking care of the watering and monitoring the buds on all the flowers and plants. She does need so be supervised as she tends to over water the potted planets.

Matt is working and keeping busy building in the garage. He just finished an entry way bench. It looks great even though he didn't make it the way I wanted it done- I guess that his inner artist took over!

After the March for Babies I continued to go full steam ahead and was working on planning the NICU reunion at our hospital. It wasn't really too bad, but I often stopped and wondered what possessed me to volunteer to plan an event for 500! Thanks to all of you who helped with the planning! I thought the day turned out great and everybody seemed to have a good time. Matt is really happy that it is over!
Elizabeth getting ready for the horse race at the reunion.

My other time filler (or waster depending on how you look at it) is Twilight. If you haven't read these books maybe you shouldn't. A lot of my friends were talking about it so I thought I would give it a try and find my inner 15 year old. Totally addicted! They really are good.

Well that's it for now. I do have lots more to say; but the children do need some attention!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Little Gymnist!

On Sunday we attended Ava's gymnastic show. It was a chance for them to show off all of their skills that they have been learning. Ava had fun and all of the children were awarded with their very own medal.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poop on the Potty!

Elizabeth is showing the early sign of potty readiness. She has gone on the potty twice, once by chance and the second time she asked to go and went! She will sit every day or so and knows that she get candy if there is any success. Hurray Elizabeth!