Saturday, July 18, 2009


We love Tinker Bell and all the other fairies - and even got to meet them at Disney World. We had no idea that we would soon find them at our house!
A few days ago we learned that a tricky little pixie named Cleanadessa had been visiting our home. Apparently she can hear when parents tell kids to clean up toys; she then comes at night to see if everything is picked up nicely. If it is, she will sprinkle some pixie dust around the area or may even leave a special prize that some of the tinker fairies made. If the toys aren't picked up she might shrink them to a teeny tiny fairy size or even take them away for a while! So far we have been lucky and have found some fairy dust and even a magical fairy jewel! Wow!!

We had a big surprise this morning. When Ava woke up today she noticed a small door on her wall. After careful inspection we determined that it was a fairy door. They must have constructed it while we were all sleeping; Ava said she didn't hear anything- they were very quiet. They use the door as a magic way to go between the fairy world and the human world! We are very excited but have to be extra careful about leaving toys and other stuff out. We don't want our new pixie friends to trip on anything or for them to take anything. Fairies can be tricky! Right now Ava is having fun playing with it using her Tinker Bell toys, we don't think the fairies will mind since they can only use it at night and we don't have any magic to get through the wall.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Disney Dreams

We just got home from a fun filled week at Disney. Here are a few pictures with more to come (over 700 were taken between all of us! Good thing we don't use film anymore!). A great time was had by all!

A special kiss from Snow White (we didn't see any other kids with kisses all 4 days we were there!)

Not so great of Matt, but look at the smile on Elizabeth! We couldn't believe how much she loved the tea cups!