Monday, February 23, 2009

20 Minutes With Elizabeth

"Helping" Mommy with the coupons

Mad that Mommy moved me away from the coupons

Even Madder!

Maybe a snack will make me feel better?

Great idea Mommy!

On second thought this bowl makes a better hat!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Elizabeth turned 22 months on Sunday. Hard to believe!

She is still very tiny; weighing 17 lbs 9 oz last week. Just after Thanksgiving she was sick with a stomach bug and lost one pound, she is still catching up from that big weight loss. She is still in size 6-9 months, but can wear one piece 12 months for the length, even some of her 6-9 month size pants fall off when she walks. We should all have such problems!

Elizabeth’s speech is really coming along well. She has over 35 words now, the most recent additions – Elmo (mel-mo), milk, hot, out, thank-you (dank-u) & no-no. Her speech therapist worked for several weeks on no. Now she uses it to answer any question. She also uses it to correct herself- throws all her dinner on the floor and looks at me and says “no-no” It is really hard not to laugh.

I haven’t seen any red flags as far as cognitive delays; I try not to check the list of milestones. There is a chance we may not notice anything until she is in school where she may have some kinds of learning disabilities. Right now our only real struggle is her eating and weight gain. Elizabeth just isn’t that into food, especially her own. A cookie she will take and demand in fact if she sees one. “Real food” on the other hand is just better to throw. It is very frustrating, I try not to make a big deal about it, but I do wish she would be a better eater.

Elizabeth’s reflux has had a HUGE improvement now that we have switched medications. I think she may have vomited once since November. This is a great improvement as she was vomiting several times a week before. Right now Elizabeth is taking 4 daily medications and we have 2 more on an as needed basis.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, Elizabeth is sick again. Runny nose and cough today. She had a low fever last night, which hasn't come back yet today. We are doing breathing treatments as needed, have not had to go to every 4 hours yet. We have a plan this time to call her pulmonologist and he will walk us through oral steroids and try to avoid the ER if the cough gets bad enough that she needs breathing treatments more frequently. Our pedetrician office will send us in to the ER if she needs breathing treatments more than every 4 hours.
The one shinning cloud over this bout is that Elizabeth has learned a new "trick". She is just so darn cute! She will take a tissue and blow her nose all by herself, and she actually blows and cleans out her nose.