Saturday, September 19, 2009

Developmental Clinic

Elizabeth had her last developmental clinic visit in August. This is a clinic at our hospital the evaluates low-birth weigh babies and others who may face developmental challenges.

It really came as no surprise that Elizabeth did great. To be honest I knew that she would do well, but there is always that little seed of doubt.
After two hours of "testing"; Elizabeth scored in the normal range for cognitive and superior for language skills! Based on what they saw they don't foresee and learning problems in school- We shall see- I was several weeks late and can't spell or do math with "letters" or at least with more than one letter!

Before she was born I was given the "what to expect" speech with statistics and typical outcomes for babies born so early. I was told- she probably would not survive- about a 20% chance. IF she did she would have (not she might, but would) significant delays in something. She may not be able to see, hear, walk, or maybe just have serious learning problems. I am not saying there aren't lasting problems with her traumatic entrance into the world, they just are not those ( I do need to add that without the laser surgery done on her eyes she would have been blind). I also know what a miracle that she is and that MOST micro-preemies have very serious issues in many areas. Depending on what study you look at Elizabeth's outcome is between 1-9%. It is hard for me to think of it in these terms and I really don't like to. Survivors guilt? Maybe? Perhaps it is just another reminder of how close she was to NOT being here and how easily her life could have gone another way. For now I am happy just to remind myself when she is especially "out of sorts" that she is a miracle and I should just be thankful that she just painted the wood floor green!

and of course we followed up of clinic visit to where else but the NICU to visit some fantastic people!
Showing everyone her Disney picture

We love the St Joe NICU staff!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the Backseat

We have been on the road a lot the past few weeks. Here are a few things that we heard in the back . . .

Ava- singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Elizabeth- no singing please
Ava- still singing
Elizabeth - quiet!
Ava- looks at her and continues
Elizabeth- I no like singing!

Elizabeth takes off her shoe and holds it to her ear
"Hello? Mickey Mouse? This is Lizabif!"

Me- what are you doing back there?
Elizabeth - just picking my nose
Me-thats yucky please stop
Elizabeth - OK Mommy

on our way hone from church
Elizabeth asks Ava to hold her hand in the car, shakes it and say "peace be with you"

Matt- look cows!
Ava- oh yeah!
Matt- did you see them Elizabeth?
Elizabeth - I saw sheep (there were no sheep)

Ava- I'm tired of driving how much longer

Ava- as we just pass the last place to stop "POTTY! I need to go now!!!" or "I need to go potty, but I want to wait to we get home" (home was usually 5 hours away)

Ahh the joys of road trips, the cars are a mess, car seats look worse, but we had a great time visiting with lots of people after two years are near isolation.