Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Post Soon?

Life here has been CRAZY! In a good way. We have been able to stay clear of any major illnesses. Elizabeth had her first non asthma trip to the ER- 6 stitches in her forehead. She was a champ. We then returned a month later to have that same spot glued back together after she took a screen door directly to the forehead.

Elizabeth has statred and loves preschool, Ava is in kindergarten loves it, and is doing almost all 1st grade work right now- we are starting to feel nervous at what will be a head for this little smartie. We also made it to San Juan, Puerto Rico in November, we loved the break from the icky November weather here.

While I find time to actually blog, here are a few pictures

6 stiches

Cinderella and Jasmin on Halloween

Old San Juan

Watch tower at one of the forts in San Juan