Thursday, February 11, 2010

Darn Faries

Well they are at it again.

Our fairy friends have been causing some trouble around here- well at least according to Elizabeth. As you might remember we discovered that we have fairy visitors last summer. It has been very exciting to see if they have left things around the house and sometimes a little sad to discover that toys that weren't put away are sometimes taken back to pixi-land. Well the unthinkable has happen. Those naughty fairies have STOLEN Elizabeth's bottles! She is horrified that they could have done such a thing and she really doesn't care that there are baby fairies who might need them.


How could they do that to such a sweet little girl?

Here's hoping that she continues to gain weight and makes up for the calories that she took in with the bottle in other ways. We are trying to make due with a sippy cup before bed, but it just isn't the same.